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Peace Camp

Based on the Indigenous Practice of circle making, this initiative provides an opportunity for youth to build cultural identity, learn cultural practices for restoring harmony in relationships.

In practicing these methods, the youth promote a more peaceful and just world today and for the next seven generations.

The youth in the Peace Camp use their tipi to build an encampment and call a circle wherever they see the need to address bullying, discrimination, and racism in the world around them

Youth are trained as peacemakers from Cree, Blackfoot and Metis traditions:

  • Blanket Exercise Facilitation
  • No Such Thing as a Bully facilitator training
  • Leadership on the Medicine Wheel
  • Tipi and Cultural Teachings
  • Peacemaking circles
  • ART Anti-Racism & Discrimination Response Training

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Sarah Wild n Small

Sarah Wild n Small

Online Youth Worker


Sarah Wild and Small has a deep interest in supporting and helping Indigenous Youth with their journey for self expression, education and lifestyle. Sarah is a thought leader in areas that encourage youth to have a voice in their cultural community. As a Métis’ woman Sarah has persuaded social media as a way of reaching out, creating positive messages involving a broad range of topics. She is pleased to represent the Urban Aboriginal Voices Society and their role in cultural communication. Sarah’s message is very clear: “Be proud of your culture, learn as much as you can to go in a good way”.

Youth Workshops

Elders Teachings

Mental Health Moment #1

-MENTAL: How you think  

Ex. I will study before going over to my friends. 

-EMOTIONAL : How you feel
Ex. I woke up wanting to begin my day.

-SOCIAL: How you are around others
Ex. My best friend is amazing and listens to me.

– PHYSICAL: How you keep well
Ex. I am going to eat right and go for a walk.


Mental Health Moment #2

With Positive psychology you can learn to sort your emotions and feelings. In this case SORT YOUR Psychology Produce!!

Mental Health Moment #3

There are a lot of “things” in our world to keep us safe… but human to human we all need support.
Mental health prevention starts by talking with a friend or professional about how you are doing every day.

Mental Health Moment #4

The c.a.s.t model is based on 4 main principles. These help you and others to communicate when someone is in need of s.u.pp.o.r.t

S- start the conversation
U- uncover the concerns
PP- Probe possibilities
O- outcomes
R – result
T – touch base

These tools will help you understand your role is to help friends solve their own problems, not solve for them.

Mental Health Moment #5

Thrive vs Survive


How does someone go from surviving to thriving?
When surviving is the basic needs and thriving is the cultural expression.


Surviving is just having the basics , eveyone needs the basics to survive.


Thriving means self expression, food turns into traditional cooking, shelter becomes homes with elders teaching, clothing transposes within cultural fashions.


Youth today don’t need just survival, they need to thrive, within teachings and culture we can achieve this.

Mental Health Moment #6

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with Tracie Leost! Her passion for our culture and community is amazing!

When speaking with Tracie about Youth Mental Health and how to balance course work, jobs, family, and friends Tracie follows these important teachings by Elder Kokum Brenda, Treaty 4 Territory.
How to use this Medicine Wheel Check-in tool!

• Each section, Mental, Physical, Emotion & Spiritual you rate yourself out of 5
• Within each section write what would like to see yourself doing or what would improve your score

Remember life is busy! You might not always be a five out of five but completing a weekly self-check-in is always a 5 ⭐️


Mental Health Moment #7

These three areas are key to a sustainable lifestyle. As our friends and family members head back into schools let’s keep connecting with another to offer the most important supports 💜
Building a power circle of healing and learning within or community, let’s be there for each other ✨