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About Us

Urban Aboriginal Voices


The urban Aboriginal Peoples of Red Deer will come together to work in a good way to improve the well-being and quality of life of Aboriginal people in our city. To continue to identify what the Aboriginal community can do to help people experience the good life.


The united voice of the urban Aboriginal community will address and work collaboratively and cooperatively amongst ourselves, with governments and other organizations on issues and priorities affecting our community in Red Deer.

Guiding Principles
  • Listen to our Elders
  • Honour and respect each of our voices
  • Honour and recognize unique personal strengths and gifts
  • Honour Mother Earth
  • Speak and act with honesty
  • Following traditional teachings
  • Work together respectfully
  • Work towards consensus
  • We will not tolerate Physical, Verbal, or *Lateral violence

    *Lateral violence: occurs within marginalized groups where members strike out at each other as a result of being oppressed. The oppressed become the oppressors of themselves and each other. Common behaviours that prevent positive change from occurring include gossiping, bullying, finger-pointing, backstabbing and shunning