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The Elders Counsel is made up of Elders from Red Deer and surrounding areas. The Elders are a very important part of any group. Their guidance through important decision making is a must. The Elders have met to discuss a series of questions regarding counsel members, who they are, and what their role will be within the Elders group. They will continue to meet to discuss their role and their input on issues that affect the Aboriginal community in Red Deer.


The Women’s Counsel is made up of women in the community who are passionate about the issues that need to be addressed within the Aboriginal community in Red Deer.


The Youth Counsel is to provide a youth voice and advice to the Leadership Circle on the issues that affect the youth within the Aboriginal community in Red Deer to aid the leadership circle in representing and advocating at a municipal level for Aboriginal youth in Red Deer. In addition to this they will participate in leadership development skills through various training and mentoring.


Each domain group and Counsel elects a speaker through consensus to sit on the leadership circle. The leadership circle is a representation of community members who have expressed interest in using their voices to benefit all Aboriginal people in the community in Red Deer. The leadership circle meets twice a month to discuss the issues being discussed within each domain and to collaborate on ways that the Aboriginal community can come together to move forward in a good way.