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Welcome to the Urban Aboriginal Voices Society.

Welcome to the Urban Aboriginal Voices Society. We envision a future that advances and integrates values of democratic governance, environmental stewardship, cultural vibrancy, economic and financial security and social inclusiveness.

UAVS Vision:

The urban Aboriginal Peoples of Red Deer will come together to work in a good way to improve the well-being and quality of life of Aboriginal people in our city.

UAVS Purpose:

The united voice of the urban Aboriginal community will address and work collaboratively and cooperatively amongst ourselves, with governments and other organizations on issues and priorities affecting our community in Red Deer.

UAVS Aims:

  • To facilitate a community dialogue and information gathering process to establish community need and priorities
  • To meet regularly with Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and Indigenous Governments; to create dialogue, action, and funding for our urban issues
  • To speak with a united voice on issues and concerns affecting our communities
  • To establish regular gatherings of the urban Aboriginal communities to share information and celebrate our achievements
  • To build and foster positive relationships amongst and between urban Aboriginal peoples in Red Deer, and
  • Consistently provide information and notice to the community on opportunities, activities, and events that are relevant to Aboriginal peoples.


Through respectful relations we belong to a harmonious community rooted in First Nations, Métis and Inuit history and culture. Working together with other community members in relationships based on a common goal of love and respect for all we produce concrete results that fosters improved quality of life for the Aboriginal community in Red Deer and our neighbours.

The vision and mission was co-created by the Action Committees from the October 2008 Forum. They met in August 2009 to create the vision and work plan for phase 2 of the Common Ground Initiative, now known as Urban Aboriginal Voices Initiative.

Who we are?

Continuing the work started during the Common Ground project, the Urban Aboriginal Voices Initiative will continue as a community based initiative to build relationships between Aboriginal communities, the City of Red Deer, local businesses, and as many other interested parties as possible.

There is a spirit of unity and support for community development that requires visionary leadership committed to ensuring a sustainable future for Aboriginal Community Development in Red Deer. Working together we can accomplish the goals that will ensure improved quality of life for the Aboriginal community and for our neighbours.